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Transtec Overseas Pvt. Ltd is in the field of manufacturing of Aviation Ground Support Equipments, Material Handling Equipments & Cargo Equipments along with representation in Aviation Infrastructure since more than 3 decades.
We have our assembly and Manufacturing facility in Chikali & Surat [Free Trade Zone], (Gujarat) with 70,000 sq. ft area. We have a complete team of specialized engineers from hydraulics, pneumatic, electrical & electronics sector.
We have a team of people who have accumulated knowledge, skill, experience and which will make the company a burning desire to provide the best of its services to its clients.

Transtec Overseas

What We Do?

Ground Support Equipment Manufacturer 
  • Auto Step Ladder
  • Baggage Conveyor 
  • Catering Hi Loader 
  • Lavatory service Unit 
  • Water Service Unit 
  • Baggage Trolley 
  • Container Trolley 
  • Pallet Trolley 
  • Lazy Roller Platform 
  • Hi Lifts/ Medical Hi Lift 
Cargo Equipments 
  • Pallet Storage Magazine 
  • Slave Pallets 
  • Empty ULD Systems 
  • Idler Roller Conveyor 
Majority of Ground Support & Cargo Equipments to 3500 nos (approx 3500 ton of mass Fabrication of extremely high quality) have been supplied to various customers in India and Overseas in last three years..Close to 1000 equipments in Green field projects in the New International Airports, the Hyderabad International Airport & Bangalore International Airport as per IATA Standard are supplied by us in less than six months time frame. 
We provide complete service for all our equipments manufactured and supplied by us i.e 
  • Equipment Manufacturing & Supply 
  • Commissioning of the equipments 
  • Training on the equipments 
  • After Sales & Warranty Support and Maintenance of the equipment 
  • Repair and modification work undertaken 

Transtec Overseas

Aviation Services

Transtec Overseas Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Aviation Services ranging from.. 
Complete range of Ground Support Equipments 
  • New/Used GSE Equipments 
  • Equipment Leasing or renting 
  • Aircraft refueling equipments 
  • Aircraft recovery equipments and solutions 
Aviation project solutions
  • Turn-Key Projects 
  • Air cargo Complex and solutions 
  • Air cargo handling Equipments 
  • Baggage Handling System 
The working philosophy of Transtec Overseas Pvt Ltd embraces the ideals of a flexible approach, reliable workmanship, efficiency, cost effectiveness and complete conformation to its customer's objectives.